Russian Squat Program

While competing in Olympic Weightlifting we use to follow the Russian squat program.  This was a great and challenging program that I recommend to a lot of people really trying to improve their squat max.  The Russian squat program is a 3 day a week program with a day in between eat squat day.  So don’t do all 3 squat days in a row; allow for your legs to rest.

In doing this program we would notice a good 5% increase in max.  The program is calculated as percentages of your max then generally 6 sets at that percentage.  It’s a 6 week program and really does give great results.  I find the hardest day is Week 3 Day 2 because its 80% of your max for 6 sets of 6.  After that workout you can’t walk but feel like you can take on the world.

Now keep in mind this program is geared more towards people in the Olympic Weightlifting realm because it takes up so many days it can be hard to fit it into a bodybuilding routine.  However, if you are off season and bulking, it’s hard to argue with the results.

Check out this site for a calculator to easily get your Russian squat program percentages and numbers each week. Be sure to use a realistic max so as to be able to hit all the workouts as prescribed to get the max benefit.



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